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The Top 5 Do's of Installing Your Sign

You've purchased signage for your business and your brand so that you can project a quality, professional image to your team and clients - don't let it go down the drain due to sloppy installation. Keep the following 'Do's' in mind during your installation for a flawless result!

1. Plan for the Perfect Location  

It's important to consider where your clients and team will engage with your new sign - make sure you take a few minutes to walk through the space as if you're a client - choose the perfect location that will capture attention as  people enter the space OR will be visible to point clients in the right direction (for way-finding signs). Try to avoid areas that are obstructed by things like doors, corners, pillars, etc.

2. Allow for Safe Space 

The placement of your sign should look natural. Always ensure to leave AT LEAST 1 foot of 'Safe Space' around the sign - this is the space between the actual sign and the corner, ceiling, door frame, window frame, etc. The last thing you want is a sign that seems squished into a corner. 

3. Measure!

Similar to the point above - you will want to ensure your sign is evenly placed within the space - Don't eyeball it - get your tape measure out and accurately measure the space to centre your sign. You can use a pencil or painters tape to mark off your measurements without leaving any damage behind. 

4. Use a Level

You know that feeling you get when you're at a friends' house and one of their pictures is crooked? - don't make you're team and clients feel the same way. Before you complete the final installation, ensure that you use a level to ensure that the final placement will be perfect. 

5. Leverage the Right Tools

There are a variety of tools you'll need to leverage when installing your sign. Ensure that you have them all ahead of time so that you aren't tempted to cut corners. Here is a list of what you'll generally need: 

  • Tape Measure

  • Level

  • Mounting Hardware (comes included with all of our signs)

  • Screwdriver, Drill and Screws (If sign will be mounted using standoffs)

  • Stencil (To ensure perfect placement and spacing for free letters)

  • Pencil

  • Painters Tape 


Need a sign? Connect with us for a free quote and more tips on installation.

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