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Inspiring Brand Love in Your Team

Individuals love working on/for a brand that they admire and that inspires them. Your team's brand 'love' can directly impact their overall engagement. The following are a couple tips to get your team to love your brand the way you do. 

1. Focus on Values 

Think about and highlight your core values with your team - what does your company/brand care about. Instil these values in your team and consistently refer back to them. Whether it's honesty, transparency, work-life balance - these positive values correlated with your brand will be sure to inspire your team - just make sure you live by them!  

2. Think Big Picture 

People like contributing to a bigger picture. Think about how your product/services are helping the greater good. Are you saving the environment via creating digital options to help reduce printed materials or providing a service that is enabling others to find gainful employment? Whatever it is, ensure that message is translated to your team and that they understand their part in it.  

3. Get Local

Similar to the above - help your team help others. Try getting your team involved in the community. You can: 

  • Provide time-off for team members to volunteer

  • Organize a company event to raise money for a cause

  • Sponsor a local minor sports team and encourage team members to attend games or volunteer 

Your team will feel great about getting involved in the community and will appreciate the company for allowing them the resources to do so. 

4. Create an Inspiring Environment

Inspire your team by creating an environment where they feel comfortable and can be productive. Be sure to create spaces where individuals can work their best whether it is independently or in a collaborative area. Think about providing beverages or light snacks, and 'comfy' areas to help them feel like their at their home away from home. And finally, showcase your brand and ensure it's reflected in the space whether its' through colour, signage, decor, etc. Create a space that your team would be proud to show off to their friends and clients. 


5. SWAG!

Who doesn't love a free t-shirt or lunch bag?! Think of creative ways to highlight your brand that your team can weareatstick, etc. 

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