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Starting Your Business on a Dime (and Keeping it Professional)

Whether you're starting a new business or sprucing up your current brand it's unlikely that you have an unlimited cash flow to do so. The following tips and tricks will help you set up your business in a cost effective way that keeps it professional.

1. Create Your Logo Online

Agencies can be expensive. When creating your brand, if you're looking for a professional, low cost option that keeps you in the drivers seat check out an online service like LogoJoy or Tailor Brands. You'll be able to efficiently create the logo you've been dreaming of, and as a bonus, sites like these generally include a brand guides,  and other add ons to help you along the way as you continue to build your presence. 

2. Connect with Your Local Small Business or Startup Hub

Whether you're a tech startup or a small business there will be resources in your town to help you get started. Start by connecting with your local chamber of commerce or municipality and they'll be able to point you in the right direction. Small business centres and tech incubators often offer resources like: 

  • Access to professional services at no or low cost (Accountants, Lawyers, etc.)

  • A small business coach or mentor who has the experience to help guide you through the process of starting your own business 

  • Networking events to help connect you to others in your community who might end up being your partners or clients some day 

3. Create Your Own Website

Why pay someone to create your website when you can create your own, easily, and at a fraction of the cost. There are a variety of providers out there, ShopifySquare SpaceWix, to name a few, that provide you with simple and easy ways to create and customize your own site. Before choosing which to go with, it'll be important to determine the required capabilities for your site and do your research to ensure they'll provide everything you need.

4. Find Customization without the Cost

In order to legitimize yourself in the market and to your clients it'll be important to have some physical branding. There are many great offerings out there that can provide you with customized/branded products (business cardsbrochuressignage) at a reasonable cost. Some will even provide free quotes or free samples so you're informed before you buy.

5. Leverage Free Platforms to Get Your Message Out

There are a plethora of free platforms and directories out there where you can list your business to ensure consumers can find you when they're looking for your product/service specifically. Sites like Synup can help you take an inventory of where you can be found and where you may need to create/update your listing. BONUS: Creating these listings will also help with your SEO. 

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